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3D Soccer Football Field Generator

3D Map Creator – Adobe Photoshop 10+ Actions and Graphics Tools

Now is no more need to stay days in front of computer to draw realistic 3D maps, from urban map to route or golf maps, football fields, isometric or classic paper maps. Is no need to have an expensive 3D software license. Create your own 3D maps with only one click! Every shape is possible […]

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Pencil and marker wall art by Charlotte Mann

Charlotte Mann is a British artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installations. These densely detailed 1:1 scale drawings of rooms in rooms are invariably made with thick black marker pen on a white ground. Her work is mainly made to commission, including large pieces in Milan and Basel. She made the wall […]

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Magazine WordPress Theme AdSense Ready – Simple Life

AdSense WordPress Theme with a clean layout and hight contrast branding colors. Simple Life WordPress Theme is built in special for a simple blog or photography websites, but can fit a more wide business profiles. The layout contain many modules what can bring to life your different kind of content. SIMPLE LIFE WordPress theme is […]

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Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits from PixelKit

While a UI kit solves many problems once it is created, it usually requires many hurdles to be crossed before it is ever finished. On the promise that it is created right the first time, the project can create a time saving solution in the future. In theory, this makes sense. However, there are significant […]

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Stock graphics from 1$

The Digital 2014 Trends Bundle

The Digital 2014 Trends Bundle includes $500+ worth of trend-setting files for just $20—our predictions of what will be hot in 2014. The biggest trends of 2014 are already selling fast. You could spend hours combing each Marketplace for new files, or you can grab our first bundle for 2014—The Digital Trends Bundle. Read on […]

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Simple Life – Blog, News, Magazine HTML template

SIMPLE LIFE is a HTML responsive template built in special for simple blog and small magazine, photography websites, but can fit a more wide business profiles. Bold and unique layout with many modules what can bring to life your different kind of content. SIMPLE LIFE HTML template is great for that type of magazines what […]

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Zaria Forman work in progress

Hyper Realistic iceberg and ocean paintings by Zaria Forman

The inspiration of Zaria drawings began in early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the world’s most remote landscapes, which were the subject of Zaria mother’s fine art photography. After a formal training at Skidmore college, Zaria now exhibit extensively in galleries and venues throughout the United States and overseas. In […]

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Metal-morphosis Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet’s insect and animal metal sculptures

When Edouard Martinet was 10, one of his teachers introduced his pupils to insects, but in a rather obsessive way. Subliminally, the fascination sunk in to the young French boy. Fast-forward 40 years, and Martinet has become the art world’s virtuoso insectophile, transforming bits and pieces of cast-off junk culled from flea markets and car […]

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Stock graphics from 1$

DesignsMix is a source of inspirational designs, tutorials, web design news, art related articles, freebies and premium stock files. If you like the look and the feel of our website, you can purchase this template released by Folding Theme