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Impressive Collection of Magazines – Inspirational WordPress Themes

This Magazine and News WordPress theme article is not just a resource post with theme and templates for your online review or blog website. The following themes contain and the trend of the 2013 year. Boxed and fluid layouts, minimal, flat designs, grid and mixed block. Even yo are looking for a theme or try […]

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The Blogger Bundle – More than 40 premium files for just $20

Over $500 worth of files for just $20! This Web design bundle is meant to be an asset for any blogger and contains 45 items for your blog, including themes for WordPress, Tumblr, for your blog marketing newsletter, plugins, icons, design elements and stock photos. Every item has been reviewed and re-reviewed to make sure […]

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art railroad_by_Jonas De Ro

Matte painting and concept art by Jonas De Ro

Jonas De Ro is a Belgian digital artist doing freelance and in-house art and currently is living and working in the UK, London. Bellow you will find our favorite artworks from his portfolio what can be found at the end of this article. The scenes are using a great lighting and the attention at details […]

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Sally Maxwell - Cheetah Face

Scratchboard art by Sally Maxwell

Scratchboard is a medium that is over 100 years old, but has usually been used as a commercial art and illustrating medium. With the addition of color 30+ years ago and the development of a “new” scratchboard that has a rigid subsurface, it has made its way into the Fine Art category. It is now […]

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Stock graphics from 1$
Tibet traditional costumes 27

Traditional costumes of the world – art and colour

This article feature examples of traditional costume or dress worn by the peoples around the globe. Peoples often call this kind of costumes “national”, but the beauty of them have nothing to do with nationality. In fact, the roots comes from ages when the borders had different meaning. Looking at the following images is like […]

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cristian girotto photo manipulation

The Outer Child – photo retouching collection by Cristian Girotto

Cristian Girotto is a high-end photo retoucher living in Paris. The following photo retouching series start from the idea according to which somewhere inside each of us, there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed? L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) […]

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Creative sky art of Thomas Lamadieu

With a upside down view of the photography and a creative line art, Thomas Lamadieu give a fresh perspective of our aboves, calling us to falling up in a world where the sky is just a space hidden by our buildings. The architecture lines become part of an imaginary scenes, the blue become the canvas […]

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The Corporate Bundle – More than $500 worth of files for just $20

The Corporate Bundle contains 50+ premium design files, carefully selected to help you design websites, build corporate videos, or even rebrand a company. We have corporate WordPress themes and HTML templates, print templates, jingles, infographic elements, flyers, Adobe After Effects templates for video openers and much more! The bundle runs until noon on the 24th […]

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Stock graphics from 1$

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