45 Matte Painting Photoshop (PSD) Tutorials and 3D

Matte painting is a technique that filmmakers use to create backgrounds for scenes that can’t or don’t exist in real life. Traditionally, matte paintings were made by artists using paints or pastels on large sheets of glass for integrating with the live-action footage. The first known matte painting shot was made in 1907 by Norman Dawn. Today, modern filmmakers use digital applications such as Adobe Photoshop to produce the backdrops that they need. Because matte painting combines several techniques including 3D, photo manipulation, painting as well as retouching techniques, it requires a solid workflow and background in other techniques in order to achieve a quality result.

The following Matte Painting Photoshop Tutorials list will help you to increase your matte painting skills.

Matte Painting Tutorial For Adobe Photoshop

Matte painting tutorial by Irene Navarro. This tutorial beside the matte painting techniques you can learn, you will discover what important is the time spent searching for reference photos.

Cities Around The World

Matte painting tutorial by Szabolcs Menyhei.

Matte Painting Of A Futuristic Metropolis

Matte painting tutorial by Frederic St-Arnaud. This tutorial demonstrates the process of realistically integrating 2D and 3D CG elements into a 2D photo-based matte painting.

Making Of: Pitch – Football Stadium

Matte painting tutorial by Jesse van Dijk.

Create A Scenic Matte Painting In Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to use matte painting techniques to create a beautiful landscape from several stock photos using Photoshop.

Learn Concept Art And Matte Painting

Matte painting tutorial by Jonah West. In this tutorial I will take you from initial concept painting, to final matte painting scene, and then to the 3D camera projection of the final shot.

Create A Snow Covered Mountain Town – Matte Painting Tutorial For Adobe Photoshop

Making Of Urban

Matte painting tutorial by Pierre Fabre.

The objective of this matte painting tutorial was above all to improve the author skills, but following his steps you can improve and your knowledges about matte painting footage and steps.

Steps Of A Matte Painting Movie Scene (Melancholia)

Even is not a classic tutorial, this interview with Sven Sauer can help you to see what is happen behind some Melancholia movie scenes and how the matte painting can be integrated in a movie where the film technicians have used various techniques to combine a matte-painted image with live-action footage.

Making Of: The Ancient Temple

Making Of: Fantasy View Of Budapest

Matte painting tutorial by Kornel Ravadits.

Making Of: Cleopatra Queen Of Egypt

Matte painting tutorial by Frederic St-Arnaud.

Making Of A Matte Painting – The Ancient Temple

Matte painting tutorial by Gordon Tarpley. This tutorial begin from sketches and use for final scene Adobe Photoshop and 3D Max Studio.

Matte Painting Tutorial

How To Create A Serene Panorama From Multiple Photographs

In this tutorial, you’re going to teach you how to combine multiple stock photos into a single, coherent scenery in Photoshop.

Create Classic Ivy Running Up A Building

This premium tutorial (just 3$) take your photo manipulation skills to the next level, and that will help you in almost any matte painting project. Learn how to add ivy that appears to naturally climb a building. And of course, this technique could be applied to just about anything.

Making Of: Renaissance

Matte painting tutorial by Marco Bauriedel.

Photoshop Digital Matte Painting – Techniques, Tutorials And Walk-Throughs

Making Of: Futuristic City

Matte painting tutorial of a SF scene.

What Made Him Win CGTantra Matte Painting Contest – Matte painting Tutorial

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial contain steps used to make a night time matte painting using day time elements.

The Process Of Creating A Digital Matte Painting

Matte painting tutorial by Reiko Gross. This tutorial include basic painting techniques, it show how to use 3D elements and use them in a painting composition as well some ways of color-grading.

How To Create A Period Matte Painting

Period matte paintings are those that need to recreate an environment from the past, whether it be Washington D.C. during the Civil War, or Rome in the Renaissance. Places change throughout time, due to new buildings, new styles of architecture, and of course new technology. Our goal is to go back in time to what it used to look like.

Matte Painting Walkingthroug – War Scene

Matte painting tutorial by Kiev Jankowski.

Matte Painting Walking through – Vulcan Eruption

Matte painting tutorial by Kiev Jankowski.

Getting Started With Digital Matte Painting – Workflow, Techniques & Walkthrough

Using Lighting, Atmospherics & Digital Illustration Techniques For Matte Painting

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a concept, develop it using linear perspective, then add in value and color perspectives, and then apply photographic references to achieve a realistic matte painting. You’ll then learn how to apply adjustments to achieve realistic scale, and understand the properties of light and atmospherics for realism. Lastly, you’ll learn some great compositional techniques.

Create A Devastating Tidal Wave Matte Painting Scene

Matte Painting: Create A Distressed Surreal Cityscape

This tutorial is for Photoshop users with intermediate to advanced skills.

Matte Painting – City Flood Tutorial

Making Of Apocalyptic City

This scene was created in 3ds max, rendered using Vray and then composited in Photoshop. While this was made in 3ds max and rendered with Vray, there’s nothing unusual about how I used either, so this tutorial will work in any similar software.

Matte Painting Tutorial: Making Of Chaos

Matte Painting: Making Of Barbarossa

Matte painting tutorial by Daniele Scerra. This tutorial is based on a a scene done for “Barbarossa” movie directed by Renzo Martinelli in 2009.

Making Of The Votussoloum : Matte Painting

Matte painting tutorial by Lincoln Renall.

Making Of The Lost World

Matte painting tutorial by Alex Soroka.

Matte Painting Tutorial By Pavel Cucka

Matte Painting Of A Futuristic Metropolis

Matte painting tutorial by Frederic St-Arnaud. This tutorial demonstrates the process of realistically integrating 2D and 3D CG elements into a 2D photo-based matte painting.

Making Of Neokathmandu – Matte Painting Tutorial

Making Of: The Decline Of Babel Myth – Jacobsen War

The concept of this artwork was inspired by the famous movie Bladerunner in which, you can see amazing futuristic cityscapes. I always was fascinated by huge cities with thousand of buildings everywhere.

Making Of CGTantra Digital Matte Painting Challenge

Making Of: Finding Unknown Kadath

Matte painting tutorial by By Sergey Musin.

Making Of: London National History Museum

Matte painting tutorial by Sorin Bechira.

Matte Painting Tutorial – Demolition Made Easy in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Matte Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Matte painting tutorial by Dennis Sedov.

Create An Incredible Avatar Inspired Matte Painting Of Pandora

In this tutorial, Stas Lobachev will walk you through his creation of “Pandora Afterdark”, a digital matte painting that received a Golden Award and 2nd place in a pre-release competition hosted by CGTalk.ru.

Making Of the Abandon Factory


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