35 Web designs layouts with unusual shapes and geometry

Starting with the CSS3 techniques, the ordinary squares from web designs layout elements started to be transformed in circles, triangles, hexagons or rhombuses. But, the 2012 bring in our attention a new trend what appear to be the main web design trend of the 2013 year what consist in a more unique visual flow of the website, and what can help a web designer more then the geometrical shapes?

Unique sliders, portfolio, gallery sections and blank spaces are now used to catch your attention so used with common grids and rectangles. True, using unusual shapes and geometry in your web designs projects is not a guaranty of the success, because such elements like those described above need to be very well balanced to avoid a bad visual hierarchy or to overload the layout with unnecessary things and elements.

This article contain 35 examples for what mean an unusual geometry in web design. The examples are chosen to showcase the good balance criteria and a proper usage of the latest CSS techniques. If you know a nice layout using geometry, feel free to mention it in the comment area.