Expressive and vibrant illustration by Alexis Marcou

The illustration skills development had the same hard work road, what sustain idea that a talent without work is nothing, evolving in time from basic shading and errors in proportions to more complex designs. The levels of shading have increase and he started to introduce more color. After that was time to introduced more shattered and distorted lines which have their influence at cubism. What we can say looking at the following great pieces of art, is that already get an own style, pleasant, non repetitive, refreshing. There’s a visceral quality to Alexis Marcou’s sketch-style illustration work that really speaks of his ability to capture a living moment with his pencil, creating traditional fine arts pieces with a slight digital touch-up.

Alexis was born on March 1984 in Greece (Larisa). The father is from Cyprus (Nicosia) and mother from England (Cheltenham). Alexis graduated from Plymouth University, and from 2007 he has been doing freelance work for a wide range of clients such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Atomic Skis and Nike.

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  • Joseph Erinle

    I think this artist really like sports wow moment, musicians and anything that pertains to action moment. Nice concept.