60 Amazing 3D portrait and character photorealistic renders

Is a true joy to see that are enough 3D artists how are looking to achieve such photorealistic renders using 3D characters what are close to the known reality. Like in traditional art, is more easy to make a portrait from imagination with no comparison base, then to paint after a true model, where any viewer can see the difference. Today the 3D forums and galleries are 90% full with robots and strange aliens, beasts and dark creatures. I really don’t get it why the SF is understood by many like a domain of the horror. The following collection of 3D portrait and character photorealistic renders bring to your attention some great works what lift the level of the 3D modeling, lighting and texturing.

Johnny Depp

Amy Winehouse

Captain Jack Sparrow


Keith Richards

Stifled Smile, Alexander Lashko

Captain Jack Sparrow

3D render in Poser

Photorealistic 3D portrait

Photorealistic 3D portrait

Honey bee for Vagabond 3D render

Heath Ledger – Joker – 3D render 22

Starfleet Officer

Clint Eastwood


The Blue Project

The Revolutionary

Scarlett Johansson

Last Elf

Joker Circus

Little Beast




Heydar Aliyev

Song Hye Kyo

Arnold Schwarzenegger 3D portrait for T4



3d character

3D character Chimpanzee render

3D character

3DMax Body Builder character

3D photorealistic

Stan By Andrew Hakim Lie

3D Portrait

An elderly curmudgeon

Sean Penn

Ladybird Macro

Girl portrait


Tommy Lee Jones

Sad woman

Yuki girl 3d portrait

Opal Child

The Flash Noir

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger

Close Up portraits 3D render

3D portrait Mikibelle


The portrait, Luc Bégin

Drogo 3D character

Analia By Brian Baxter

Hold Hakka Woman


Charlize Teron


Morgan Freeman

Pink Assassin