Scratchboard Illustrations by Ricardo Martinez

Steve Jobs Scratchboard Illustrations

Ricardo Martinez Ortega, born: 1956 Santiago, Chile of Spanish immigrant Parents. He moved to Spain (Madrid) with his family in May 1969. Ricardo began his professional career towards the end of the seventies. Soon he was creating illustrations for publications, advertising agencies, and comic books. In 1981 he moved to Miami, where he worked at […]

Photorealism – These are not photos – Amazing Doug Bloodworth Oil Paintings

Doug Bloodworth Artwork

New York Observer called Doug Bloodworth “one of the premier Photorealists of our generation”. Doug Bloodworth’s artistic perspective is influenced by a childhood affection for American western classics and the quintessential youth of the American dream. A combination of Pop Art, photography and textural paint strokes, his work was born from inspirations that began when […]

Hyper Realistic iceberg and ocean paintings by Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman work in progress

The inspiration of Zaria drawings began in early childhood when she traveled with her family throughout several of the world’s most remote landscapes, which were the subject of Zaria mother’s fine art photography. After a formal training at Skidmore college, Zaria now exhibit extensively in galleries and venues throughout the United States and overseas. In […]

Matte painting and concept art by Jonas De Ro

art railroad_by_Jonas De Ro

Jonas De Ro is a Belgian digital artist doing freelance and in-house art and currently is living and working in the UK, London. Bellow you will find our favorite artworks from his portfolio what can be found at the end of this article. The scenes are using a great lighting and the attention at details […]

3D Scale paper craft models by Atamjeet Singh Bawa

paper model of yamaha dragstar classic 11

Atamjeet Singh Bawa was born to be a Pilot, destined to be a Table Tennis Player, happened to be a Textile Chemist and eventually landed being a Software Programmer. What is shure, is gifted to be a scale paper modeler, currently working as CRM Consultant for an IT giant. This article present paper craft models […]

Scratchboard art by Sally Maxwell

Sally Maxwell - Cheetah Face

Scratchboard is a medium that is over 100 years old, but has usually been used as a commercial art and illustrating medium. With the addition of color 30+ years ago and the development of a “new” scratchboard that has a rigid subsurface, it has made its way into the Fine Art category. It is now […]

Detailed urban drawings by Brian Boulton


Vancouver artist Brian Boulton captures singular moments of everyday life in his detailed drawings of anonymous subjects. Based on digital photos, these solitary figures face away from the viewer and are removed from their urban environment. The subtle difference in the texture of fabrics work together to construct a portrait of these anonymous individuals. These […]

Traditional costumes of the world – art and color

Tibet traditional costumes 27

This article feature examples of traditional costume or dress worn by the peoples around the globe. Peoples often call this kind of costumes “national”, but the beauty of them have nothing to do with nationality. In fact, the roots comes from ages when the borders had different meaning. Looking at the following images is like […]

Amazing realistic acrylics artwork by Steve Caldwell

painting portrait  Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is a UK-based artist and portrait painter.  He received his formal training as a medical illustrator at The North East Wales Institute and has worked internationally since 1995. Steve is known for producing meticulously realistic artwork in acrylics for portrait commissions, private collections, exhibitions and the publishing industry. The extraordinary thing is not […]