Detailed urban drawings by Brian Boulton

Vancouver artist Brian Boulton captures singular moments of everyday life in his detailed drawings of anonymous subjects. Based on digital photos, these solitary figures face away from the viewer and are removed from their urban environment. The subtle difference in the texture of fabrics work together to construct a portrait of these anonymous individuals. These […]

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Tibet traditional costumes 27

Traditional costumes of the world – art and colour

This article feature examples of traditional costume or dress worn by the peoples around the globe. Peoples often call this kind of costumes “national”, but the beauty of them have nothing to do with nationality. In fact, the roots comes from ages when the borders had different meaning. Looking at the following images is like […]

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painting portrait  Steve Caldwell

Amazing realistic acrylics artwork by Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is a UK-based artist and portrait painter.  He received his formal training as a medical illustrator at The North East Wales Institute and has worked internationally since 1995. Steve is known for producing meticulously realistic artwork in acrylics for portrait commissions, private collections, exhibitions and the publishing industry. The extraordinary thing is not […]

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cristian girotto photo manipulation

The Outer Child – photo retouching collection by Cristian Girotto

Cristian Girotto is a high-end photo retoucher living in Paris. The following photo retouching series start from the idea according to which somewhere inside each of us, there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed? L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) […]

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Stock graphics from 1$

Creative sky art of Thomas Lamadieu

With a upside down view of the photography and a creative line art, Thomas Lamadieu give a fresh perspective of our aboves, calling us to falling up in a world where the sky is just a space hidden by our buildings. The architecture lines become part of an imaginary scenes, the blue become the canvas […]

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creative casette tape art

Creative cassette tape art by Benoit Jammes

Benoit Jammes is a 33 year old graphic designer, living in Paris, France. The following cassette tapes art is entirely handmade. DesignMix asked him how he started to play in this creative way with the cassette tapes, Benoit answered: “I found a bunch of old cassettes at home, and seeing them brought me back, in […]

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daniel sprick art painting photorealism

Ultra realistic oil paintings by Daniel Sprick

An inheritor of pictorial tradition that goes back at least as far as ancient Rome and later compelled the best efforts of such Northern European masters as Roger van de Weyden and Jan Vermeer, Sprick finds much yet to be revealed in the still life and the interior. His ultra realistic oil paintings continue and […]

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Alexis Marcou drawing

Expressive and vibrant illustration by Alexis Marcou

The illustration skills development had the same hard work road, what sustain idea that a talent without work is nothing, evolving in time from basic shading and errors in proportions to more complex designs. The levels of shading have increase and he started to introduce more color. After that was time to introduced more shattered […]

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Stock graphics from 1$

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